Our company's personal information protection policy.

Privacy policy

When offering goods or services to customers, we offer their personal information. Our company places deep importance on the protection of personal information, and without protecting the personal information it would not be possible for us to have good relations with our customers. We believe that building a trusting relationship with our customers is even more important, so we will show our privacy policy to the public.

Our company will not use private information from customers except for the purposes listed below.
  1. In order to provide information about insurance expiration for periodic and vehicle inspections, we will notify customers by mail, telephone, or e-mail.
  2. Our company will send information to customers about offered products and services as well as various campaigngs and events, and those will be sent by mail, telephone, or e-mail.
  3. For the development of new products and to examine the satisfaction of our customers, questionnare surveys will be implemented and sent by mail, telephone, or e-mail.
  4. To make judgements or control credit limits.
  5. The following private information will be recorded in a document, on digital media, or sent in a transmission and provided to our sales group, our company's affiliated partners, and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. However, we will not provide this information to third parties if requested to do so by the customer themselves.
    Provided items: address, name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number and any information related to customer transactions.

This company will provide personal customer information as listed above in section 1-v., and with the exception of a reasonable excuse we will not provide the information to third parties. However, if the customer or the customer's guarantor corresponds to the following points below, the customer's information will be shared with the Japan Autombile Tire Manufacturer's Association, inc. and our company's affiliated branches in order to make judgments on credit limits and refer to transaction documents after the signing of contracts.
  1. Our company will stop payment in the case of a promissory note or check that is bounced or is not paid.
  2. Our company will request partial or total payment based on the situation.
  3. Our company will put a customer's payment in arrears based on each individual transaction depending on the situation.
  4. In the case of accepting a canceled business permit application form due to bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, company reorganization, special liquidation and any other similar declarations.

    Information for shared use is limited to address, name, date of birth, telelphone number, work place as well as the contract date in the outlined contract, product name, contract value, number of payments, contract balance, monthly payment and other such conditions.
    In our company, the manager in charge is responsible for issues related to the shared use of customer personal information.

In the case our company hopes to confirm and/or correct a customer's personal information from the person themselves, we will present an established written form. A request for disclosure or a similar request will be determined in writing. Please bring any inquiries concerning this to a customer consultation room or the nearest place of business. In the case a request for disclosure is needed please prepare documents that confirm identity (driver's license, etc.)
In addition, for each item of personal information disclosed, a handling charge of 1000 yen will be added to the final payment.
Inquiries related to the handling of personal information
Our company's customer consultation room (Phone: 0827-31-3131)
Our company will follow the laws of Japan and comply to other related criteria related to the handling of personal customer information.
Our company has strong hazard prevention measures in order to stop disclosure, falsification, loss, and other appropriate safety measures concerning personal customer information.
Our company is always continuously looking for ways to improve these methods. We also perform periodic audits related to the handling personal customer information.

Established January 31, 2005
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