For car maintenance in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi from a simple check to an entire vehicle inspection, come to an established Honda Dealer: Honda Cars YAMAGUCHI HIGASHI

Car Maintenance

To support our customers and help them have a pleasant car life, we will explain the service available at Honda Cars Iwakuni

Car inspection / Maintenance

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Honda's Long Term Guarantee "MAMORU"
Even when the maker's warranty has expired after 3 years, you can continue to feel safe with our guarantee!
Did you know? A "Maker's general guarantee" expires after 3 years.
For car repairs, expenses turn out to be more than you expected.
"MAMORU" is a product that offers the same level of warranty as the maker's guarantee, even after that has finished.
From Honda Cars we offer substantial peace of mind to everyone in their car life.

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Honda Periodic Insepction Pack - "Makase Ciao!"
This is a pack especially for periodic inspection and oild changes. Leave your peace of mind up to us and continue your satisfaction!
For legally required inspections and vehicle inspections, Honda recommends this pack for examinations and oil changes!
These solid periodic inspections are done by Honda car pros who give energetic support to your beloved car.
Safe driving comes from periodic checks. So entrust those inspections to a Honda dealer and "Makase Ciao!"
From Honda Cars we offer substantial peace of mind to everyone in their car life.


Honda Cars YAMAGUCHI HIGASHI handles the types of auto insurance listed below.

Honda C Card

Honda C Card gets diverse reactions
"I'm so glad!" "A great deal!" "Safe and convenient!"

"Honda C Card Members" are Honda car owners who are supported in their car lives with saftey, convienece, and great deals. Applying for one is easy! Please ask one of our staff members about them when you come to the store.

JAF road service

24 hours a day and year-round
it supports you! Please trust your road service with JAF.

You don't get to choose the time and place for car trouble. It's also possible that you might have a case of trouble happening late at night. JAF's Road Service helps drivers who have send out an SOS call due to break-downs, accidents, or cars that won't move. The service is available 24 hours a day and the system is available year-round prepared for many kinds of help requests.

JAF JAF meets the needs of its users as a public-service coroporation by supporting them with service system together with safe and smooth transport as well as proactive business opportunities that drive its business. Its motto is to contribute to the growth of a sound automobile society.
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